Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SPMM?

SPMM stands for Success in Psychiatric Membership Masterclass. SPMM Course has a long history of providing focused exam revision courses for the British MRCPsych exams through weekend lecture courses. When the Royal College of Psychiatrists introduced a completely new exam format in 2008, SPMM launched an online revision module that closely matched the new exams. This resource was an immediate success, providing a trustworthy study material and meticulously compiled Q-Bank for the trainees. Today, we are proud to say that there are very few trainees in the UK who dare to appear for the MRCPsych exams without using our revision materials!

  • Why should I choose SPMM for FRANZCP?
The modified curriculum for FRANZCP for 2012 Fellowship is very exhaustive and stipulates a restricted time period for clearing the required exams before further progression. At present there is scarcely any revision material for the 2014 written exam.  At SPMM we believe that if you practice with a fresh, purpose-written, syllabus-matched Question Bank with well-referenced answers,  you will not go wrong - no matter what question is thrown at you in the exam. To enable this we have made the course tailored for the needs of 2012 Fellowship candidates, with no assumption of any previous revision. Unlike other courses, we do not wander away from your target of FRANZCP exams - not even for a minute! 
Further, our courses are always priced at a very nominal rate: you don't have to pay us a lot for your own hard-work!
  • What materials are available?
At present (November 2014), we provide a MCQ course and an Essay course. We are constantly adding more practice materials for the two courses and all updates will be available to subscribers without additional costs.

If you subscribe to the MCQ course, you will get 90 days access to our printable revision materials, video lectures for critical appraisal and online Q-bank of 420 EMQs and 120 CAPs. In addition you will also get concise, easy-to-read critical appraisal revision notes that you can download and print.

If you subscribe to the Essay course, you will get 90 days access to both CEQ and MEQ materials. These include video podcasts on critical essay topics and numerous solved examples of MEQs. All  revision materials are printable.  In addition, you can submit essay answers to 2 questions of your choice - this will be evaluated by our expert examiners and personal feedback will be provided.
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